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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Freedom Dance News Highlights


Nov. 3, The Jewish Times publishes, From Hungary to Baltimore, about Freedom Dance and its upcoming Baltimore preview at the Jewish Community Center.

Nov. 6, The American Embassy in Hungary expresses serious interest in hosting a screening for Freedom Dance in Budapest. Discussion begins.

Nov. 8, Freedom Dance preview screening at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. Judy Hilbert is honored, and Edward's memory celebrated, with proclamations from the Mayor of Baltimore, the Ambassador from the Embassy of Hungary, and The Advocates for Survivors of Torture & Trauma. Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley officially proclaims November 8th  Edward & Judy Hilbert Day.

Nov. 15, By invitation from FourDocs/Channel 4 UK, Freedom Dance is considered for inclusion in the Avalon Virtual World Film Fest 2006.

Nov. 16, Discussion begins with the American Hungarian Foundation for a preview screening in New Brunswick, New Jersey in Mid-December. A tenative date is set; keep checking for a definative screening date.

Nov. 27, Preview screening at Kimbara Cumbara in Miami, Florida confirmed for December 5.

Nov. 30, Freedom Dance submitted to South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.


Oct. 1, iCOM Magazine publishes Mariska Hargitay Voices Indie Animated Doc.

Oct. 7, The book 56 Stories launches in Cleveland, Ohio at the Hungarian Heritage Museum. The book includes the Hilbert's escape story as written by Edward and Judy Hilbert. Many thanks to Andrea Lauer and Lauer Learning.

Oct. 14, Freedom Dance screens at the Cold War Museum Conference, Lorton, Virginia

Oct. 17, The New Jersey newspaper, News & Tribune, publishes a story on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, includes quotes from Judy Hilbert and descriptions of Freedom Dance.

Oct. 20, Washington City Paper publishes news about Freedom Dance's upcoming DC screening.

Oct. 23, Freedom Dance screens at the Goethe Institut, Washington, DC, during a 1956-Anniversary celebration hosted by the Embassy of Hungary. Q&A follows with Steven Fischer, Craig Herron (Freedom Dance), and Arthur Rasco (No Greater Love).

Oct. 24, The Jewish Times begins a promotion article on Freedom Dance's November 8 screening at the Jewish Community Center.

Oct. 27, Freedom Dance screens at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. Q&A follows with Steven Fischer. Many thanks to the American Hungarian Federation for hosting the event.

Oct. 29, Freedom Dance screens at the Hungarian American Cultural Association's 1956 commemorative luncheon, Houston, Texas. Many thanks to hosts HACA and the American Hungarian Federation.


Sept. 1, The Budapest Sun (Hungary's leading English Language Newspaper) publishes a tribute story on the August 22nd passing of Edward Hilbert.

Sept. 1, Industry trade iCOM Magazine publishes news of Edward Hilbert's passing.

Sept. 2, Pressbox (UK) publishes Freedom Dance Makes a Splash in the UK; Global Press Release Distribution releases UK Dances for Freedom Dance.

Sept. 8, Steven Fischer and Craig Herron meet with producer Barbara Lanciers and Baltimore's Creative Alliance Program Director Megan Hamilton to plan Freedom Dance's involvment  in a 2007 Lanciers-Creative Alliance arts program.

Sept. 17, Official release of the news of Mariska Hargitay's involvement with Freedom Dance.

Sept. 20Houdini music video, directed by Steven Fischer, with visual effects animated by Craig Herron, screens by invitation at The Great Lakes Film Festival, Eerie, Pennsylvania.

Sept. 20, Pressbox (UK), Star Pulse, and publish news of Mariska Hargitay's role as narrator.

Sept. 20, Cold War Museum Conference organizers, Francis Gary Powers and Patti Winch, officially invite Freedom Dance to appear at the October 14 conference.

Sept. 22, Mariska Hargitay records Freedom Dance narration at Gramercy Post, NYC. Many thanks to engineer/owner Joe Mendelson and crew for their generous hospitality.

Sept. 24, SVU publish news of Mariska's work on Freedom Dance.

Sept. 24, American Hungarian Federation Texas Chapter President Chris Cutrone officially invites Freedom Dance to screen in Houston, Texas on October 27th and 29th at the 1956 Symposium and Ceremony.

Sept. 26, Preparations begin for an October screening in Washington, DC hosted by the Embassy of Hungary.

Sept. 28, The Budapest Sun publishes Law & Order Star to Narrate Freedom Dance.


August 4, A representative from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio makes contact with interest in purchasing DVD copies of Freedom Dance for the University's library.

August 15, Channel 4, UK. Commissioning Editor Kate Vogel has this to say about Freedom Dance in a review published on-line: "The sound really did bring this film to life for me, making the animation emotional and giving it immediacy." A tip-of-the-hat to Freedom Dance sound designer, Kevin Hill. (Read the full review in the August 15 Weblog entry!)

August 22, Edward Hilbert dies from complications of lung cancer at age 78.

August 23, PressBox, UK releases news of Edward's passing.

August 23, FourDocs, Channel 4, UK and Maryland Public Television, Maryland, USA publish and broadcast testimonial statements commemorating Edward Hilbert.

August 23, Craig Herron gives an animation workshop in Baltimore, Maryland.

August 24, Global Press Release Distribution releases news of Edward's passing.

August 26, Canadian filmmaker Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre uses Freedom Dance as an example during her masterclass on "The Animated Documentary" held in the UK at the London International Animation Film Festival where her masterfully-produced animated documentary, McLaren's Negatives, is screened.

August 26, Bryan Dawson, American Hungarian Federation Chairman of the Executive Committee, generously offers his time and voice to the Freedom Dance narration track. Studio recording supplied by Studio Unknown and engineered by Kevin Hill.

JULY 2006

July 1, Twyman Creative dot com publishes an on-line interview with Steven Fischer in anticipation of an animation workshop the entertainment company asked him to give at the Twyman Creative Entertainment Conference in New York City. Invited animators included: John Bintz, Ernie Berger, Mark Stansbury.

July 10, Craig Herron is in Delaware for a 3 week shoot as Assistant Director and Editor of Gordon Delgiorno's movie, Jack of Clubs.

July 14, Thanks to Claudine Davison, JCC Assistant Director of Arts & Culture, The Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore officially begins prep work on the November 8  preview screening of Freedom Dance.

July 16, Freedom Dance webmaster and cartoonist John Bintz releases his new cartoon book, A Moment of Clarity Volume 1: The Big Boss on Level 10.

July 26, A journalist from US News & World Report makes contact with interest to include Freedom Dance in an up-coming cover story about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

July 30, The 32-minute rough cut of Freedom Dance, from opening to closing credits, is completed and prepares for clean up, narration, and final music mix.

June 2006

June 1, Women in Film & Video, DC Chapter, publishes a promotional article on WIFV members Steven Fischer and Craig Herron and Freedom Dance.

June 3, The Freedom Dance trailer appears on the Freedom Dance web site:

June 6, The trailer is published on
June 7, Style editor Eszter Balazs begins an article on Edward and Judy Hilbert and Freedom Dance for the Budapest Sun, Hungary’s leading English language newspaper.

June 7, Steven Fischer is asked to give an animation workshop at the Twyman Creative Entertainment Conference in New York City on July 22. Special thanks to Michele Fischer and Kirk Twyman.
June 16, Jack Gerbes, Director of the Maryland Film Office, endorses Freedom Dance:
June 21, Recording a Break for Freedom, a promotion article about the Hilberts and Freedom Dance, appears in the Style section of the Budapest Sun.{2937FAE17FFF4B44B26250086204928B}&From=Style

June 21, Premiere screening at The Charles in Baltimore, Maryland of the comedy-horror flick, Swarm of the Snakehead, featuring visual effects animated by Craig Herron and a sound design by Freedom Dance soundman, Kevin Hill at Studio Unknown. Featured in the cast is Freedom Dance behind-the-scenes on-camera host, Leanna Chamish.

May 2006

May 1, Promotional write-up on IDA member Steven Fischer outlining his career and work on Freedom Dance appears in the national magazine, Documentary.

May 8, Craig Herron arrives in Oakton,Virginia to serve as Visual Effects Supervisor on a three week shoot for the indie feature Almost Invisible.

May 8, Canadian Filmmaker Marie-Josee Saint Pierre e-mails with a request to include Freedom Dance in her animation masterclass this August at the London International Animtion Film Festival. Her animated documentary, McLaren's Negatives, will open the festival.

May 19, Charlie Phillips at Magic Lantern Productions, London, announces that a 4-minute version of Freedom Dance has been selected to appear on FourDocs, a showcase by Channel 4, England's leading independent television network.

May 20, By special invitation, Steven Fischer and John Bintz attend the American Hungarian Federation’s Gala fundraiser. A special Freedom Dance exhibit features stills from the movie and screenings of the trailer. Special thanks to AHF Vice President Bryan Dawson.

May 29, The Freedom Dance trailer announced as finalist at the Frozenmoon Movie Trailer Showdown Competition, Wrexham,Wales, UK. As a result, the trailer begins running in the UK on Propeller TV, part of the Sky Satellite network.

April 2006

April 7, After months of discussion, and with heart felt thanks to Bryan Dawson, Vice President of the American Hungarian Federation, Freedom Dance is officially invited to appear at the AHF's 1956 Hungarian Revolution benefit and celebratory gala in Washington, DC in May.

April 7, Craig Herron begins visual effects, logo design and animation production on Prayer Life, an independent movie by Darryl Cox.

April 8, Freedom Dance webmaster and colorist John Bintz delivers his mini comics class during City Lit at the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore.

April 14, Craig Herron finishes animated logo design and production for Gray Matters, an independent feature by Wendy Donigian.

April 16, Craig Herron begins a 4-day production on a mural commission in Northern Virginia for a super secret agency.

April 21, Craig Herron begins pre-production as visual effects supervisor on Gordon Del Giorno's Jack of Clubs independent feature.

April 22, Thanks to Michele Fischer, Kirk Twyman, and Twyman Creative, Freedom Dance (as a work-in-progress) is screened at the legendary
Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles during the L.A. Entertainment Conference.

April 24, The Freedom Dance trailer is sent to Wrexham, Wales for the Frozen Moon Movie Trailer Showdown!

April 26, Steven Fischer’s short, Camp Med, wins The Award of Distinction at the international Videographer Awards in Arlington, Texas.

April 29, Steven Fischer arrives in New York to direct two projects simultaneously for indie rock favorite Jim Camacho: a new music video for Jim's upcoming national release, Beachfront Defeat, and a short documentary on the New York premiere of Jim's musical, Fools' Paradise. Thanks to John Bintz, the production team is equipped with a sweet steadicam.

March 2006

Mar. 3, Pressbox (UK) publishes news of Camp Med and Houdini (directed by Steven Fischer with visual effects produced by Craig Herron) winning at the 27th Annual Telly Awards.

Mar. 11, Freedom Dance webmaster and colorist John Bintz delivers his workshop, Make Your Own Mini Comic, at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mar. 16, Steven Fischer is one of 50 selected professionals to speak at the National Broadcasting Society's Annual Convention in Crystal City, Virginia.

Mar. 22, Craig Herron delivers to an article he wrote on the production and use of visual effects in low budget films.

Mar. 25, John Bintz gives his mini comics workshop at Greetings & Readings in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Mar. 30-31, Steven Fischer is in New York City shopping Freedom Dance to distributors and art galleries. One gallery in particular takes a personal interest in the movie and serious discussion for a gallery show and screening in 2007 begins. More details to follow...

February 2006

Feb. 5, Thanks to NBS mover-and-shaker Brian Naughton, Steven Fischer is one of fifty selected professionals to speak at the National Broadcasting Society's Conference on March 16 in Crystal City, Virginia.

Feb. 11, Freedom Dance art exhibit closes at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. (But the artwork remains for sale to any loving and interested buyer!)

Feb. 15,  Thanks to animation wizard Miguel de Angel, A Taste of Animation exhibit opens at the Waddell Art Gallery in Sterling, Virginia featuring artwork from a variety of regional animation projects including Freedom Dance.

Feb. 16, Steven Fischer attends an American Hungarian Federation board meeting to discuss how Freedom Dance can be included in upcoming AHF-sponsored celebration events honoring  the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

Feb. 24, Houdini (directed by Steven Fischer with visual effects created and animated by Craig Herron) wins in the Music Video catagory at the prestigious 27th Annual Telly Awards. Also a winner is Camp Med, a short promotion video written, produced, and directed by Steven Fischer for Virginia Hospital Center and NVCC Medical Education Campus.

Feb. 28, Craig Herron arranges for Freedom Dance: Behind the Scenes (a promotion short about the making of "Freedom Dance") to screen in Manchester, New Hampshire next month on MCAM TV-23.

Feb. 28, Thanks to Twyman CreativeFreedom Dance (as a work-in-progress) will be screened at the legendary Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, California during the Los Angeles Entertainment Conference & Talent Showcase on April 22. (We hope all listers in the L.A. area will go, the conference is free!)

January 2006

Jan. 1, The January 2006 issue of Baltimore Magazine features an article entitled Freedom Dance: A Sneak Peek at a Serious Cartoon spotlighting the Freedom Dance gallery show at the Norman & Sarah Brown Art Gallery inside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.

Jan. 1, Iam Entertainment releases their monthly newsletter which includes a review from The Gigi, Inc Show. Host Gigi Iam writes of Freedom Dance: "you will stand up and cheer, ‘Encore! Encore!’ This is brilliant work."

Jan. 4, Baltimore’s City Paper publishes an article about the Freedom Dance art exhibit under its Critic’s Pick section.

Jan. 6, Andrea Lauer invites Freedom Dance subjects Edward and Judy Hilbert to participate in Freedom Fighter 56, an oral and written history project produced by the Hungarian American Coalition and Lauer Learning. Her invitation includes publishing the Hilberts’ adventurous escape story in the forthcoming book 56 Stories, a collection of testimonies from 56 survivors of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Details:

Jan. 6, Pressbox publishes MPT Shoots Freedom Dance Makers, announcing Steven Fischer’s and Craig Herron’s featured appearance on Maryland Public Television.

Jan. 6, Pressbox publishes Fischer, Hilbert Sell Art on Fox announcing Steven Fischer’s and Edward Hilbert’s scheduled appearance on Baltimore’s Fox News morning TV show.

Jan. 9, The Freedom Dance Gallery Art Exhibit opens at the Norman & Sarah Brown Art Gallery inside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. The exhibit features original artwork from the movie and will remain open free of charge to the public until February 10.

Jan. 11, Maryland Public Television airs a featured story on Freedom Dance on its program, ArtWorks This Week.

Jan. 20, Steven Fischer and Edward Hilbert appear on Baltimore’s Fox Morning News to promote the art exhibit.

Jan. 22, A special reception is held at the Norman & Sarah Art Gallery in honor of the Freedom Dance exhibit. Invited dignitaries include the following Freedom Dance supporters: Beery Adams, Immigration Outreach Coordinator, Office of Mayor Martin O’Malley; Karoly Dan, Cultural Attache, Embassy of Hungary; and Bryan Dawson, Vice President, American Hungarian Federation.

December 2005

Dec. 1, iCOM Magazine publishes New Camacho Video is Hard to Escape detailing the premiere of the music video Houdini, directed by Steven Fischer with visual effects by Craig Herron.

Dec. 2, Maryland Public Television invites Steven Fischer and Craig Herron to appear on ArtWorks, January 11, to promote Freedom Dance and the Freedom Dance exhibit at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. Special thanks to Robin Rose-Samuels, JCC Marketing Coordinator.

Dec. 8, Craig Herron and Gregg Landry coordinate the 3rd annual Filmmakers' Symposium in conjunction with Women in Film & Video. The event is held at BlueRock Productions LLC in Baltimore and features a panel that includes Freedom Dance team members Steven Fischer, Kevin Hill, and Phil Rosensteel.

Dec. 10, Steven Fischer and John Bintz travel to New York City for a meeting with a representative from a UK-based film distribution company interested in Freedom Dance.

Dec. 16, Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma becomes a gracious supporter of Freedom Dance. web:

Dec. 17, With thanks to host and hostess Steve and Edy Bondroff, and in preparation for the Freedom Dance art exhibit at the JCC in January, a framing party is held at which over 55 pieces of original Freedom Dance art work is framed in about 4 hours.

Dec. 20, The American Hungarian Federation becomes a generous supporter of Freedom Dance. web sites: and

Dec. 24, The January 2006 issue of Baltimore Magazine is released and includes an article titled: Freedom Dance: A Sneak Peek at a Serious Cartoon, a supportive promotion piece about the upcoming Freedom Dance exhibit. Special thanks to Robin Rose-Samuels, JCC Marketing Coordinator.

November 2005

Nov. 1, Pressbox (UK) publishes Houdini is a Magical Adventure in Filmmaking detailing the new Jim Camacho music video Houdini directed by Steven Fischer with visual effects animated by Craig Herron.

Nov. 11, Steven Fischer and Craig Herron are interviewed on video for their up-coming appearance on The Gigi Inc Show (Comcast Cable).

Nov. 12 (morning), Craig Herron's multi-award winning animated short, A Fall From the Clouds, screens at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Nov. 12 (noon), Freedom Dance webmaster John Bintz has a book signing at Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley, Maryland to promote his cartoon book, A Moment of Clarity Mini Collection 1.

Nov. 12 (night), Freedom Dance videographer Gregg Landry of BlueRock Productions LLC premieres his emotionally powerful short, Hope for Haiti, at Martin's West in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nov. 13, John Bintz's animated shorts, Virus and Slippie Slide, are screened at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Nov. 18, Steven Fischer and Craig Herron deliver the keynote speech at the 2nd Annual Baltimore Immigration Summit at the American Visionary Arts Museum. (Edward Hilbert's pre-recorded speech was delivered on DVD.)

Nov. 18, Steven Fischer is interviewed by Baltimore Magazine for an article to appear in the January 2006 issue promoting the Freedom Dance gallery exhibition at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore (January 9 - February 10, 2006 with a special reception Sunday, January 22.)

Nov. 18, Freedom Dance is selected for fiscal sponsorship by the International Documentary Association, Los Angeles, California.

Nov. 24, Pressbox (UK) releases International Documentary Association Picks Freedom Dance for Fiscal Sponsorship announcing the IDA's latest selection.

Nov. 21, Freedom Dance sound designer Kevin Hill of Studio Unknown completes the monumental task of cataloging the September 2nd and 3rd sound recordings aboard the SS John W. Brown for use in the movie's Ocean Voyage sequence.

Nov. 28, The Documentary Film Network announces Freedom Dance as its latest on-line listing. (

October 2005

Oct. 3, London, UK. Press Box releases "Freedom Dance Makers to Give Keynote at Immigration Summit" announcing the invitation from the Mayor's Office of Baltimore for Steven Fischer, Craig Herron, and Edward Hilbert to speak at the 2nd Annual Baltimore Immigration Summit this November 18th.

Oct. 9, Los Angeles, CA. Iam Entertainment invites Steven Fischer and Craig Herron to appear on "The Gigi Inc Show" (Time Warner Cable/Comcast Television) in early January 2006 to promote "Freedom Dance".

Oct. 22, Baltimore, MD. Freedom Dance team members Steven Fischer, Gregg Landry of BlueRock Productions LLC, and Kevin Hill of Studio Unknown attend the premiere screening of "Random 1", a new (and positive) reality show that will air on the A&E network beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1. The show was created by and stars long-time friend John Chester, who in 2000 photographed Fischer's Emmy-nominated "Silence of Falling Leaves".

Oct. 24, Washington, DC. By personal invitation from the Embassy of Hungary, Steven Fischer and Edward Hilbert attend a reception at the Embassy to commemorate and remember heroes and survivors of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Oct. 29 - Nov. 3, Miami, FL. On November 1, Steven Fischer appears at Miami Globo Theater to speak at the premiere of "Houdini", a music video he directed for accomplished indie rock troubadour Jim Camacho (featuring composites and visual effects created by Craig Herron). While in Miami, Steven and Jim collaborate on their second video venture.

September 2005

Sept. 1, an article entitled "Career Offers Animated Look at Enchanting Artist", a review of Edward Hilbert's career, Enchanted Forest design work, and Freedom Dance is published in the Howard County Times.

Sept. 2-3, the crew boards the SS John W. Brown in Baltimore to record the sounds of the legendary World War Two-era Liberty Ship for Freedom Dance's ocean voyage scene. (A privilege and rare treat!) Phil Rosensteel from Blue Rock Productions shoots documentary-style video and on-location interviews for the Freedom Dance DVD featured extras. Eric Metcalf assists sound designer Kevin Hill.

Sept. 14, Beery Adams, Immigration Support & Outreach Coordinator for Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, invites Steven Fischer, Craig Herron, and Edward Hilbert to give the keynote speech at the 2nd Annual Baltimore Immigration Summit, November 18, at the American Visionary Arts Museum.

Sept. 22, Craig Herron addresses Women in Film & Video members at a membership meeting held at Gardel's Supper Club in Baltimore to promote Freedom Dance.

Sept 23, it was announced that Freedom Dance webmaster and animator John Bintz's animated shorts Virus and Slippie Slide were selected for exhibition at the Annapolis Film Festival (November 11-14). Also announced was news that Craig Herron's multi-award winning animated short, A Fall From the Clouds, will be screened at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Sept 23-24, John Bintz participates at Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, debuting his new cartoon book, A Moment of Clarity mini collection 1.

Sept 28, an exciting rumor emerges in Miami that Houdini, the much-anticipated music video directed by Steven Fischer for South Florida's heavy-hitting powerpop/rock troubadour, Jim Camacho (The Goods, Jim Camacho Dot Com), will soon debut at Miami Globo Theater! More news to follow...

August 2005

Edward and Judy Hilbert are to receive a proclamation from Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, which will be ceremoniously presented to them at the premiere screening in October 2006.

August 1, iCOM Magazine published a feature entitled "Baltimore Filmmakers Given Orders to Ship Out" telling of the recent privilege awarded to the Freedom Dance crew by Project Liberty Ship to record the authentic steam-driven mechanics of the Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown.

August 2, Steven Fischer appeared as guest on That's a Wrap Radio, Carlos Cruz's podcast about the arts, to talk about his career in cartoons and promote Freedom Dance.

August 10-13, Steven Fischer was in Los Angeles attending by invitation the Roy W. Dean Film Grant awarding ceremony.

August 18, Craig Herron and Steven Fischer appeared in Arlington, Virginia on a panel of producers speaking about independent animation production at the Women in Film-sponsored forum, Animator's Round Table.

Plus ...

New endorsements received from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore; the Mayor's Office of Baltimore; and From the Heart Foundation.

Edward Hilbert was interviewed in the Howard County Times about his involvement with The Enchanted Forest and Freedom Dance.

Continued and substantial progress made on Freedom Dance's Apple Truck sequence and the Freedom Dance exhibition to be held at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore January 9 through February 14, 2006.

As mentioned above, in September the Freedom Dance sound design crew, headed by sound man Kevin Hill at Studio Unknown, will spend two days aboard the SS John W. Brown recording the distinct sounds of one of only two surviving and active World War Two-era Liberty Ships. This rare opportunity has energized the Freedom Dance team. The authentic recordings will enhance the believability and raise the emotional charge of the Ocean Voyage sequence in which the Hilberts endure a punishing winter ride to America aboard the troop transport, USS General Leroy Eltinge.

July 2005

July 11, Craig Herron and Edward Hilbert appeared on the cable talk show The Coffee House to promote the movie.

July 24, Steven Fischer appeared on the podcast, That's a Wrap Radio.

With thanks to Beery Adams, it looks like The Mayor's Office of Baltimore City will offer Freedom Dance an endorsement.

And with appreciation to Claudine Davison, we're also receiving an endorsement from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.

Carole Dean from the Roy W. Dean Film Grant invited Craig and Steven to the legendary Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California to attend the August 11th Roy W. Dean Film Grant Award ceremony. (Carole has also agreed to endorse Freedom Dance.)

Diane Davison, Attorney at Law, joined the Freedom Dance team as the movie's legal representative!

Michael Schneider, Chairman of the Board, Project Liberty Ship, has granted the Freedom Dance sound crew (headed by Sound Designer Kevin Hill at Studio Unknown) the rare opportunity of recording the authentic sounds of the S.S. John W. Brown, one of only two surviving Liberty Ships from World War Two. Recording is to take place over two days in early September and will sync with the movie's ocean voyage scenes in which a World War Two-era transport ship is prominantly featured.

Nan Sherman, who is spearheading a movement to preserve the magical Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Ellicott City, Maryland, has allied with the Freedom Dance team to offer a mutual support of causes. The connection? Edward Hilbert designed and built some of the fantastic animatronic attractions at the park including "Ali Baba and the Forty Theives" and "The Chicken Little Trio". Nan puts a lot of heart and soul into causes she believes in, and we are grateful for her interest in and support of Freedom Dance.